the fad of the moment is this “selfie” thing…

… here is mine. ;) my lady and i ready for our everyday commuting.

selfie :)

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misano ci dà una mano!

yeah, i know this update is two weeks delayed, but this is the way it is: procrastination is the always the word of the day.

this text is a small tribute to the superb victory to the most charismatic rider of all times: valentino rossi. since the fp1 we could see things were going to be different. then came fp4, where he was a total blast! (the meaning of the last and effectively a free practice, given the lap times charted there are not considered for grid formation: race simulation.) he was setting laps after laps, one faster than another. funny though that even that boring, yet fantastic, rider called mm93 could match vale’s pace. and that was the tune of the q2: lorenzo topped the high place at the grid, with iannone in second and vale in the front row for the very first time since his return to yamaha last year.

the guy rode superbly. fierce battles with marquez and lorenzo, until the latter dropped due to a poor tire choice and the crash of the former, due to his eagerness to win at any cost and end the championship at the next round (aragon). his crash proved his strategy was a miserable one. and like misano, the gates were opened and the crowd took the entire place, just to see *the goat*. from the podium the image is quite scary: thousands of people screaming “vale! vale! vale!”. if from the tv the scene looks awesome, at the track i think it will be something that gives you goose bumps.

funny though that last sunday vale totally blew it. his pace at fp1 and fp2 and fp3 was a complete shit. so that he couldn’t make it straight to q2: for the very first time since the new qualifying proceedings we saw rossi at the q1. he made it and in the end managed to grab the 6th place on the grid. interestingly however was his pace at sunday: he was like hunting the top 3 guys (pedro, lorenzo and mm) and when after a turn he went off-limits, hit the astro-turf which was still wet due to some raining in the morning and crashed. i was in the kitchen preparing my breakfast when i heard gregory haines saying loud: “oh no! rossi’s down!” i was like: “damn! the race is almost over!”

no, it wasn’t. au contraire! the fun started a few minutes after rossi went down. we saw dovizioso, and iannone. mm and pedrosa becoming “suzerains” of the motorland aragon. and just because they’ve missed the timeslot to enter the pits and replace the tires.

but for me the most funny part was mm’s statement at the pre-event press conference: “… now we have to focus on the championship” . and then we see the mistake he made, by choosing not to go the pit lane to switch bikes. well… now that’s history, because he made it in motegi last sunday. let’s see who’s gonna be the runner-up. avanti vale! misano ci dà una mano! :)

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there are times…

hallo! wie geht’s? so… on weekdays my routine is getting up, eat something, shower, go to work, spend some useful or useless hours there – that all depends on what i have to do; that is, if it’s pleasant or shitty – and then find my way back home – excellent song by the way: for me these guys really kicked ass in their first three albums (orchid, morningrise, my arms your hearse).

but there are two small fractions of this routine which were not described here intentionally. these two moments are the higher parts of the day, every weekday. it’s only 35-45 minutes round-trip in my usual commute (home/work), but these moments are so unique that only those who ride bikes will understand what they mean.

i mount on my ride and when we are about to arrive at the office at least twice or three times a week my will translate into not turning right to reach the parking lot but go straight ahead go check where road ends. sometimes because i’m not in the mood to fill silly spreadsheets or write office documents. other times because i just want to go ride along the tarmac. and while i was writing this small text, i found a very interesting article which reflects part of what i feel while i’m on the bike: yoga, death and motorcycles:

Each moment of my ride truly felt a like a rich, vibrant lifetime. As I rounded one of the more picturesque portions of this favorite road of mine, witnessing simple, yet luxurious and breathtaking beauty of my surroundings…

nice that due to small issue with wp i lost the original text…

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… i will be the judge… and the jury.

after another hiatus there goes another chapter of my “adventure” as a motovlogger. after my second video i finally understood the huge amount of work that has to be done in terms of editting and stuffs related.

in this one i talk about the behavior of our policemen – maybe this behavior is the same in every corner of the world. here there are some guys that think they’re sorta beyond the law and forget about the fact that the police is not intended to judge – unlike what’s seen in “judge dredd” (funny movie by the way, and stallone being the bad actor he is).

(dunno why i got a dislike… and the person didn’t leave a comment so that we could talk about it. now i don’t know if it’s related to the content or to the footage or both.)

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what holds me back?

Since my early 20s I was thinking about leaving the country. I don’t remember exactly the reasons, and I don’t think they resemble the ones I have now. Anyway, the plan was “wunderbar”: I would enter Europe via Portugal. After 5 years there I’d get the Portuguese citizenship and then could discover what the other European countries had for me. But then that ship sailed and I got a job and the dream went to a
dormant state.

Back to 2003, when a telecom institute working closely to a
phone/telecom network infrastructure company hired me, I saw the dream coming true (closer to becoming real actually). The idea was getting into the company that supported that institute and then finding a spot abroad. Once hired, I looked at the internal job market many many times, but never applied to any position. What held me was the thought that the absence of a diploma (at that time – 2005 – that was still true) would be a no-no and then I did little to help myself in this sense.

Later I managed to graduate myself and the pattern stayed the same: check job market, find something interesting, get in touch with position owner, let it pass…

And a few weeks later, after talking to my mom about the subject, she reminded me of a fact that can be also true abroad: “you’re in your late 30’s and the market will start to not hire you due to your age.” This is kinda true here. Just don’t know if it’s the same elsewhere.

So.. What held me back? What am I fearing? I have excuses to these questions, not properly answers. And then came this friend, with the assertion that prior to the move one should have determined where to go first. Will he be right? Or is this just another point of view?

So.. in summary: what pushes me (as I read in one of your posts) is the lack of faith in the way politicians work, the really high cost of living, the absurd prices and overtaxation of things, high interest rates, high crime/violence numbers (and the fact that I was close to become statistics), overly sensitive economy (any minor bump abroad turns into a disaster), the lack of education of the people, little or absent collective consciousness, among others.

Well.. I know that no matter the place I choose to go I will face problems like the ones I wrote above. *But* at some extent they will be way less aggravated or less intense than here – depending on where I choose, obviously.

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long time no blogging…

it’s been a long time since my last post. i’ve been a little lazy. add to it the fact my bike was at the shop due to some minor issues. another video is waiting for editing – and after my last one i found out that the task of editing is very time-consuming. by the way, despite the fact that fade-out, flash transitions and jump cuts are editing 101, but are very useful.

and every now and then i hear about a bill related to motorcycling in the cities… it’s weird – actually it’s not weird, but usual – that these bills act on the symptoms of the “disease”, never striking the never of the issue which is education. it would be impressive if bills were written to attack the root cause, things would be far more interesting.

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uma vitória inconteste para um, uma sucessão de erros e atropelos para outro…

esse da foto foi o nome da corrida de domingo, em termas de río hondo. só não dá para chamá-lo de monstro porque ele ainda é um guri e, para chegar ao nível de ago e rossi ainda falta um bocado, mas é inegável que seu histórico e atual feito de três poles e três vitórias consecutivos são dignos de muita menção e honraria. um blogueiro/jornalista comentava que o único gap a ser coberto era o fato de sua largada ainda ser atabalhoada. acontece que sua constância anda tal ultimamente (diferentemente do ano passado), que ele pode prescindir disso. notou-se esse fato na etapa de losail, no qatar, e ficou ainda mais evidente no último domingo, se considerarmos que sua largada foi no mínimo desastrosa, tendo despencado para sexto logo de cara, e encerrado a contenda em primeiro. os resultados por ele apresentados até agora nos oferecem três possibilidades:

– seu estilo de pilotagem é único e se mostra como padrão a ser copiado
– a rcv 213 está muito superior às rivais
– a soma das duas acima

é um fato que a primeira metade da temporada de 2012 foi marcada pela inconstância da honda em virtude da mudança de regulamento, já que impunha às motos um aumento de peso. a consequência foi muita instabilidade no chassi (“chatter”), que só foi corrigida quando o novo chassi foi introduzido. eis o resultado: pedrosa foi quem acumulou o maior número de vitórias, haja vista o acidente de casey stoner em indianapolis. no ano seguinte, a escuderia já estava com seu equipamento acertado, dada a lição aprendida do ano anterior. para completar o cenário, acedia à categoria o jovem até então inconsequente que é o reverenciado desse artigo. pergunto-me se ele seria tudo o que tem se mostrado se tivesse então entrado numa lcr, numa go&fun gresini ou em uma tech 3. lembram-se de que levou praticamente dois anos para que crutchlow começasse a mostrar resultados na tech 3? só me resta especular sobre o caso.

e sobre os pilotos da yamaha: um deles fez o que costumava fazer em suas largadas usuais. uma primeira volta irretocável, deixando a confusão toda para trás. mas era sabido que a ultrapassagem de márquez era apenas uma questão de tempo, haja vista o fato de que o guri vinha fazendo volta mais rápida atrás de volta mais rápida. o interessante no caso foi a facilidade com que ele foi ultrapassado: lorenzo sequer pôde esboçar reação, já que antes de a volta ser completada a diferença já era de praticamente 1s. o que me surpreendeu aqui foi que pedrosa, relembrando a gana de vencer o duelo espetacular de brno em 2012, também o tenha deixado pra trás. a conclusão é inevitável: a yamaha está no déficit.

rossi: sua linguagem corporal ao chegar aos boxes já diz tudo – um desapontamento completo. na minha opinião, mais uma vez era caso de pódio, assim como em austin. erros não forçados ou causados por outros pilotos o tiraram da disputa pelos degraus restantes: está claro que ele precisa se habituar ao novo esquema de classificação, para assim ficar entre os quatro primeiros, evitando portanto confusões com o grupo das satélites (e o entrão a. espargaró). o caminho para o pódio está desenhado em sua mente, e ao que tudo indica, é só uma questão de tempo até os resultados aparecerem. a conferir no próximo domingo, em jerez.

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