cars, one plane and one motorcycle

apart from being fossil fuel based vehicles, what do these three have in common with a sunday? no clue? i’ll bring you up to speed.

in my latest posts i’ve been talking about moving to another city. well, this is my 4th week here, and until now everything is going fine, fanx. still getting used with bipolar behavior of the weather – it reminds me of curitiba and the sensation of having 4 seasons in a single day -, actually I’m trying to understand how it works here: in rio it was a little bit easy to figure it out: humidity and heat piling up 3 or 4 days later we could sing “here comes the rain again…” anyway this is me ranting, as usual.

and what would be the connection between two cars, one plane and a motorcycle? well…

  • one cab from my place to the airport
  • a 50 min flight
  • another cab from another airport to my mom’s
  • a 457 km ride back home.

don’t even have to mention that the coolest part of it was the last segment. heh. funny things have to be mentioned:

  • this time i managed to stay more than 1h sat on the bike
  • the trip took longer than i had imagined.
  • tolls are a nuisance and veeeery dangerous!
  • a handful, if not two or three, returned my greetings.

i) when i went to my hometown in last year’s late june i couldn’t stand an hour sat on the bike: my glutes started to complain and hurt a frakking load, leading to a halt every 60 to 90 min – the unfortunate part of it was that every stop meant at least 10 min wasted; ii) the bus from “metropolis” to gotham normally takes 6 hours, but then what one has to consider some aspects: leaving/entering the urban part of the city takes an enormous amount of time, and besides that, sundays mean people heading back to gotham and then it’s easy to find some jams along the highway (that happened when passing by two cities, and interestingly, there were traffic jams without any apparent cause.); iii) tolls mean waste of time and nuisance, because you have to stop, stand on your feet, open your wallet, find some bills, pay, get the change, and all of this with the difficulty of having heavy gloves in your hands; and a danger because of the spilled oil in the floor; iv) dunno what’s up with these guys, but just a few returned my greetings – are they sparing their muscles? o_O (two couples in their yamahas midnight star were heading to caxambu [likely] and returned the honk, first when i met them and when they left the road we were in…

and this journey lasted a bit more than 12 hours. it was tiresome – actually, riding a bike for many hours is an very demanding and taxing activity. it is quite interesting to see that you’re still on/aware for the next 1h30 to 2h and then all of a sudden shutdown -h -t 30m or something alike happens.

(not so small footnote: last saturday i was playing the wanderer in the city. one thing is when you know the way to a certain place and due to an act of idiocy you take the wrong entrance, and get annoyed because of that. another entirely different is when you have no clue about where you’re going! that is, you go out with the mentality that you’re gonna get lost sooner or later. heheh! and i got lost! terribly lost! but it was fun in the end. i just lament not being able to open the throttle decently, as the street limits are quite low: 50 km/h only.)

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a quinta que passou (6/10) foi o dia que marcou o início do fim de um ciclo que durou quase 12 anos. por diversas vezes eu me vi maravilhado, impressionado, ou ainda incrédulo, quando me punha a pensar nas voltas que o mundo dá e onde nós acabamos parando. as circunstâncias em que isso acontecia quase sempre eram as ocasiões em que eu saía de uma janela de manutenção e me via oitavado no balcão da birosca da esquina da visconde de pirajá com a teixeira de melo, comendo um joelho (terminologia da região) ou pão de queijo e bebendo um mate, sempre com aquela nota mental: who would wonder, huh?

e nessa quinta o cenário era o de caixas e mais caixas, papelão, plástico-bolha, pó, tufos de pelos pra tudo que é lado – e os gatos naturalmente alvoroçados pelo rebuliço causado pelo povo da transportadora: “pessoas! caixas! bagunça! yay! =(^.^)=” -, e aos poucos o ambiente foi ficando vazio. vazio… vazio… vaziiiiio… (eu falando alto e minha voz reverberando pelos cômodos da casa.) e me bateu um sentimento pra lá de esquisito, para o qual eu não tenho nome. banzo? por que seria, se ali, a despeito de ser minha casa, não era minha terra natal? saudade? vai saber. mas foi curioso: era como se um pedaço de mim tivesse ficado ali naqueles poucos metros quadrados, afinal, dos quase 12 anos nessa cidade, 6 anos foram passados ali. e de agora em diante, aquele lugar será mais um ponto no mapa da minha geografia afetiva (see how i steal like an artist? :D).

fica a trilha sonora para essa postagem.

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countdown p. ii – the mission

a few days ago i’ve written about a countdown. well, the clock is ticking. but interestingly, the so-called 30 to 45 days i mentioned in that post are passing like in a fast forward mode: if i don’t manage to get some few days more to arrange all the steps related to the moving of my clutter, then in less than two weeks time i’ll be calling gotham city (the brazilian version of it) home.

everything is going reaaaaaally fast, and there are some outstanding tasks, as well as others that belong to the critical path (actually, IIRC all of them are in the critical path):

  • painting and minor repairs depend on moving my stuff
  • hiring the company to move my clutter depends on finding the right place
  • the new apartment depends on the contract signature
  • to close this deal i have to wait for the landlord to remove his/her creepy furniture (or as in the other condo i visited yesterday: minor fixes in the floor and windows)

this is like a project. nah.. it is a project. the wbs has some other tasks, but then this is me digressing… anyway, my reality during this week involves travels, lots of expenses, a bunch of phone calls, some visits, talking, dealings, und so weiter. Und der letzte Teil sind meine Katzen: of course it’ll be stressful for them, but i can rest assured it’s waaaay easier for them than for me, after all they’ll head to gotham only when all be funlly functional and operational.

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a countdown is about to start…

30 do 45 days. it’s the time i have to cease my operations in the city i’m currently living. 11 years and half passed since i got here, and honestly, few are the things i will miss, namely:

  • the climbs and the views from the city these climbs offer
  • the bridges, overpasses, and elevated lanes
  • the shoreline

(right now i remember the comments from a namesake of mine regarding this city: rio de janeiro is an ugly city in a beautiful place. i tend to agree.)

and for the 1st time in my life i’ll revisit the sensations well described in the last part of rush’s song – the analog kid:

too many hands on my time
too many feelings
too many things on my mind
when i leave i don’t know
what i’m hoping to find
when i leave i don’t know
what i’m leaving behind

there’ll be so many things happening at the same time that only after a month or two i’ll be able to realize the breadth and depth of this move i’m about to make. and while these feelings will be revisited (the day was january 2nd, 2005: i remember the strange sensation i felt when i told myself that “now there’s no turning back” while watching the sunset at barra’s beach), what makes the present scenario different from that occasion is that i was leaving my hometown and my family (most of it) behind. well… as caesar augustus said: alea jacta est. i’ve passed the point of no return. so, let’s see what the world is about to offer me.

(note about the second item of the short list: i look to them and the very thought that comes translates into a single word: modernity. funny though that at the same time they mean modernity, not very seldom they come at high cost to those living close to them…)

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180 dias

o que esses 6 meses têm de interessante? tem coisa bem boa rolando (you know i’m talking about you ;) ), da mesma forma que houve coisa ruim em paralelo: essa quantidade de dias foi o quanto que fiquei ausente da população economicamente ativa, ou seja, sem um emprego. ser mandado embora é uma experiência desagradável, e mais ainda quando muito tempo se passa até uma recolocação. vários pensamentos esquisitos passam por sua cabeça: derrota, inutilidade, desespero, fracasso… ainda tem aquela agonia que dá quando se fica muito tempo em casa sem fazer nada, e você precisa sair e dar uma volta para não pirar (e nem importa se é pra fazer algo irrelevante: mais ou menos aquela idéia do “when the spirits are low, go for a spin without worrying about the way”).

mas no meio de tanto pensamento estranho, uma coisa legal aconteceu: nos últimos meses eu passei a frequentar a cozinha, mas para pilotar o fogão! :D é vero que rolam mais “close calls” do que qualquer outra coisa, mas o simples fato de ser o responsável pela alquimia culinária a me render um prato honestinho já vale o esforço. e vou dizer que é legal ver as coisas tomando forma e cores – continuo achando panela de pressão um negócio do demo, mas é inegável que o troço funciona heheh! -, e também vou dizer que acho um pé nos bagos descascar alho, embora ache o maior barato picá-lo.. vai entender. aliás, muito mais fácil usar a faca para dar “os cabimentos” no alho do que aquela miséria chamada espremedor.

a missão agora é aprender a fazer outros pratos que também gosto de comer. ;)


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hail to the maniac!

and then it happened! after a long winter that lasted almost 6 years, a ducati stepped on the highest place of the podium last sunday! great to see iannone in his commotion – and a sad dovizioso, who saw his 2nd victory in his motogp career slipping from his fingers. top moment of the parc fermé was dall’igna kissing his “babies” (as i read in twitter, he may have never done that so fondly).

ducati made 1-2 last sunday, which was good for the championship – and hopefully it will work as a moral boost -, and for those who are tired of seeing the usual suspects taking those 3 spots. rossi never had the chance to claim the 3rd postion, instead his teammate seized the opportunity to come from the ashes and tell everyone he’s still alive – but if it rains again, will he be same unrecognizable lorenzo we saw at sachsenring and assen? that remains to be seen.

let’s see what brno reserves to us – imho one of the best circuits of the calendar.


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20 years of motorcycle racing…

and yet he makes the same mistakes. who doesn’t remember misano last year, where he made exactly the same and ended up in the top 5. you’re not supposed to follow the race leader, but the championship leader.

well… I don’t have doubts that Marquez is gonna win the title this year – and it does amaze me that he’s building this path brilliantly and intelligently. my hopes are that Rossi be able to change his mind for the 2nd part of the season.

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