a countdown is about to start…

30 do 45 days. it’s the time i have to cease my operations in the city i’m currently living. 11 years and half passed since i got here, and honestly, few are the things i will miss, namely:

  • the climbs and the views from the city these climbs offer
  • the bridges, overpasses, and elevated lanes
  • the shoreline

(right now i remember the comments from a namesake of mine regarding this city: rio de janeiro is an ugly city in a beautiful place. i tend to agree.)

and for the 1st time in my life i’ll revisit the sensations well described in the last part of rush’s song – the analog kid:

too many hands on my time
too many feelings
too many things on my mind
when i leave i don’t know
what i’m hoping to find
when i leave i don’t know
what i’m leaving behind

there’ll be so many things happening at the same time that only after a month or two i’ll be able to realize the breadth and depth of this move i’m about to make. and while these feelings will be revisited (the day was january 2nd, 2005: i remember the strange sensation i felt when i told myself that “now there’s no turning back” while watching the sunset at barra’s beach), what makes the present scenario different from that occasion is that i was leaving my hometown and my family (most of it) behind. well… as caesar augustus said: alea jacta est. i’ve passed the point of no return. so, let’s see what the world is about to offer me.

(note about the second item of the short list: i look to them and the very thought that comes translates into a single word: modernity. funny though that at the same time they mean modernity, not very seldom they come at high cost to those living close to them…)

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180 dias

o que esses 6 meses têm de interessante? tem coisa bem boa rolando (you know i’m talking about you ;) ), da mesma forma que houve coisa ruim em paralelo: essa quantidade de dias foi o quanto que fiquei ausente da população economicamente ativa, ou seja, sem um emprego. ser mandado embora é uma experiência desagradável, e mais ainda quando muito tempo se passa até uma recolocação. vários pensamentos esquisitos passam por sua cabeça: derrota, inutilidade, desespero, fracasso… ainda tem aquela agonia que dá quando se fica muito tempo em casa sem fazer nada, e você precisa sair e dar uma volta para não pirar (e nem importa se é pra fazer algo irrelevante: mais ou menos aquela idéia do “when the spirits are low, go for a spin without worrying about the way”).

mas no meio de tanto pensamento estranho, uma coisa legal aconteceu: nos últimos meses eu passei a frequentar a cozinha, mas para pilotar o fogão! :D é vero que rolam mais “close calls” do que qualquer outra coisa, mas o simples fato de ser o responsável pela alquimia culinária a me render um prato honestinho já vale o esforço. e vou dizer que é legal ver as coisas tomando forma e cores – continuo achando panela de pressão um negócio do demo, mas é inegável que o troço funciona heheh! -, e também vou dizer que acho um pé nos bagos descascar alho, embora ache o maior barato picá-lo.. vai entender. aliás, muito mais fácil usar a faca para dar “os cabimentos” no alho do que aquela miséria chamada espremedor.

a missão agora é aprender a fazer outros pratos que também gosto de comer. ;)


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hail to the maniac!

and then it happened! after a long winter that lasted almost 6 years, a ducati stepped on the highest place of the podium last sunday! great to see iannone in his commotion – and a sad dovizioso, who saw his 2nd victory in his motogp career slipping from his fingers. top moment of the parc fermé was dall’igna kissing his “babies” (as i read in twitter, he may have never done that so fondly).

ducati made 1-2 last sunday, which was good for the championship – and hopefully it will work as a moral boost -, and for those who are tired of seeing the usual suspects taking those 3 spots. rossi never had the chance to claim the 3rd postion, instead his teammate seized the opportunity to come from the ashes and tell everyone he’s still alive – but if it rains again, will he be same unrecognizable lorenzo we saw at sachsenring and assen? that remains to be seen.

let’s see what brno reserves to us – imho one of the best circuits of the calendar.


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20 years of motorcycle racing…

and yet he makes the same mistakes. who doesn’t remember misano last year, where he made exactly the same and ended up in the top 5. you’re not supposed to follow the race leader, but the championship leader.

well… I don’t have doubts that Marquez is gonna win the title this year – and it does amaze me that he’s building this path brilliantly and intelligently. my hopes are that Rossi be able to change his mind for the 2nd part of the season.

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commuting by bike

not so long ago i posted a picture of my ride – black diamond. lately i’m using it as my way of transportation. interesting is the fact that  i can reach my destination 2 to 5 minutes earlier with it than with my motorcycle. (yes, it’s true that on a bike i’m a red light jumper, but as i mentioned in a post @ g+, it’s a matter of safety [see this for understading what i’m talking about].)

i know it’s a time lapse – i wish i could ride fast like that (that would yield 80-100 km/h, slightly more in certain moments) , but i’m fine with the idea of getting ahead of the cagers. :)

and this is also my little homage to the two-wheel world – bikes and motorcycles are complementary.

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Kraftwerk singt…

l’enfer du nord, paris-roubaix
la côte d’azur et saint tropez
les alpes et les pyrenées
derniere etape chaps-elysées…

who doesn’t get excited when the breakaway wins a stage? i was reaaaally rooting for stuyven today. pitty that the peloton got him. and interesting to see contador struggling. will he be suffering the consequences of his crash yesterday?

(today i finished “cycle of lies” and got myseld thinking about the sport. some strange things like wiggins: from no one at cofidis to sort of somebody at garmin and then winning the tdf @ sky. and that weird guy: froomestrong? dunno…)

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human error?

the place: the cathedral (aka assen, nl). the occasion: the dutch gp. the man: valentino rossi.

it’s not new that i root for him – i’ve already made that clear many posts ago. and i get sorta pissed when things go like they did last sunday: what was supposed to be another victory in his bag (and a back to back) ended up in the gravel trap. his bike’s front washed away and both decided to surf on the tarmac instead of riding on it.

in occasions like that it’s inevitable to bring back to memory what stoner had said to rossi when the latter managed to get himself and the former out of the race in an unsuccessful overtaking attempt:

your ambition outweighs your talent.

i honestly believe that was the situation sunday – a mix of overconfidence and poor judgement of the situation, resulting in his third DNF (and 42 points behind the leader).

and then two interesting things happened: i) the current championship leader is learning to ride with his head (no longer with his heart); ii) an under{dog,rated} rider won the race. it was amazing to see mr. jack miller winning the dutch gp, and it was very touching to watch him in his interview to dylan grey (the interviews right after they arrive at the parc fermé are undoubtedly the best ones) – maybe i’m getting old and/or oversensitive, ‘coz every now and then some silly things like that leave me with watery eyes… o_O

kudos to you, mr jackassen! well deserved! a silly mistake in silverstone last year prevented you from shining, but you finally made it! :)

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