and the road becomes my bride…

but we’ll have to postpone the marriage for three weeks more. i mean, that’s the result of my latest appointment with an orthopedist. ok, i really believe a new mri would be nice, but he is the guy… so, why not giving him some credit? well, the big picture is: patellar tendinitis and some other small complications. i guess this is due to a sum of factors like: anatomic issues in my patella; poor cleat adjustment (especially the narrow adjustment range
[fore/aft/left/right] when compared to shimano cleats – i was using look pedals since the beginning of the year); increasing workload. the guy prescribed 10 sessions of physiotherapy plus _six months_ of chondroitin/glucosamine sulfate. in the end, lots of stretchings.

honestly speaking, the biggest issue now is overcoming the absence of two natural drugs: serotonin and endorphin. you get used to them, almost an addiction. lacking them is letting me sorta down. during the session, while chatting with the therapist, i asked her if swimming could be an option and the answer was the one i didn’t want to hear: _while you’re coming here, be not involved with any kind of sports that make use of your legs. _Scheiße!_ oh my, oh my… was kann ich tun? warum tun mein Knie weh? blah. hope and patience. once again, easier said than done. (and the question remains: will i be able to participate in the next serramar edition?)


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2 Responses to and the road becomes my bride…

  1. aoi says:

    u better keep riding! =*

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