itt: a synonym for death…


– 20 min @ z1, z2
– 10 min @ z3
– 5 min @ z3, z4
– 3 min @ z1
– 1 min @ z5
– 3 min @ z1
– 5 min @ z3, z4
– 5 min @ z1

and after that comes the torture: 20 min itt. once again i did it wrong, starting with a very high pace which i couldn’t sustain after 8 minutes of pain and agony. now, the outcomes:

cp20: 234 W
ftp: 222 W
p/w: 3.36 W/kg

my p/w ratio considering cp20 is way below the one i was using prior to the mishap in my right knee. hope i can reach it again in less than two months. now, given the short amount of time to prepare myself, have no idea of what’s gonna be in the mountains, but to get there in a not so bad shape, i will race the claro100k next sunday.


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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