vo2max and lactate threshold workouts

as i had imagined: shortening the intervals made them less taxing. now the structure of the workout is:

5x3x3 @ 115% ftp
5x ((2 @ 85-90 rpm + 2 @ 95-100 rpm) @ 100% ftp)

in the middle of the 4th interval in the vo2max zone you’re begging the gods to cease the torture. the decrease in the power curve is slight, yet visible. however i managed to keep it close to the range 248-255 W.

the last portion of the workout is a massive destruction, given it has no rest interval. to make matters worse, i thought i could do the whole set without a fan in front of me. the consequences:

– i had to stop in the middle of the 2nd block of 2-by-2 and went after a fan.
– lost close to 800g of fluids – my legs were “shining” white: salt.

note to self: NEVER do that again. the worst part of it all was that my right knee complained a little bit more than i expected. funny to see that vmo contractions can offer some sort of relief tho.

edit: NEVER do the workout again WITHOUT a fan. :P


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