so close, no matter how far…

yesterday, waiting at the u-turn for the traffic lights to become green, i saw a scene that re-encouraged me: a pal in the middle of the jam, riding the same path i ride when going to the office. after one month far from the saddles, tomorrow (maybe today, but i’m a little worn out because of the last night – 3am and i was still on :P) will be the great (re)debut. my pair of ksyrium sl now with a 12-27 cassette will hit my _bride_ – this is part of the training for my new challenge that’s about to come true: riding the andean mountains.

life is spinning so fast these days… and the sensation this fire burning in me causes is almost impossible to describe. it makes me happy, it makes me glad… hoping this is a long lasting feeling.


About rennrad

It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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