sugar fountain…

is a song by tokyo ska paradise orchestra. beautiful brass arrangement, melodie, harmony, everything. unlike every other ska, this one doesn’t have that tiring and constantly happy upbeat _as if you were jumping in excitement forever and ever, amen_… maybe that’s exactly the reason why i liked it a lot.

quicksilver and i went to meet my _bride_ last sunday. a disaster – no other word could suit the moment better. legs burning, breathing without rhythm. lactic acid, all that negative shit passing through your head and only one desire: that the torture could end soon. i guess i’ve never been so mistreated by a climbing as of last sunday. then came abv, and once again the same pain. Ich glaube, daß ich verrückt bin. Aber es ist ok für mich. =)

doubts. who doesn’t have them? what if?… and now… what comes next? Ich weiß es nicht.


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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