is a very taxing training form. i had a bare idea of that, but now i’m really confident that it is. i’ve done the following the last three days:

tuesday: 3 x (8 + 5) (1h total, with warm up/cool down and some minutes @ H2) wednesday: 30 H2 + 25 H3
thursday: 3 x (3 x 1) (1h01min total as in tuesday)

yesterday was really taxing, and i’m facing the consequences this morning. sore muscles just to begin with. one minute only is definitely not enough to recover from the previous effort. but that was the intent in the end. i’m now eager to see how the HOP looks like. depending on the mood, HOP will it be, otherwise the living hell of pyramids, but in a 2:1 this time…


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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