I remember nurturing some feelings for motorcycles since I was a kid. My mother said it was a reflection of her passion for the subject on me. Honestly, that is something I can’t be sure, but there were some posters of some guys hanging while negotiating turns.

Then I grew up, got a job, earned some money and bought myself a bicycle. Missing the lovely moments I had with my Old Faithful – an old Caloi 10 from the late 80s, weighing astonishing 14,5 kg – it was sorta revival: a Caloi Sprint arrived at home. Ok, it wasn’t even close to its old counterpart of the 80s, which was expected, due to the technology that appeared. I got really in love with this STI stuff, even the Sora being the poorest of the shifters available.

Then, I sold it in favor of a Cannondale CAAD9 R5. Equipped with a pair of Ksyrium ES wheels and with a little bit more than 8 kg, what a difference from that old Caloi. But then I got this injury in my knee and ended up getting a bit disconnected from cycling – but still following the results of the major events (Giro, Tour and Vuelta, P-R, track world championship and some others). I have to make amends with the sport, the routine, the joy and the commitment cycling demands – and this is something that takes long.

Cutting to the chase… One day I was at the balcony of apartment I previously lived in and saw a boy on a scooter (“Do you like to scootah? Do you like, do you like, do you like to scootah?) and thought: “hmm… me gonna buy one of that.” The price was ok, but the process to get a license wasn’t. I’d have to do the same exams if I were applying to a motorcycle license. Then I was like: “nah.. if I’m planning to do it wrong, so be it with style.” The classes started in late December of 2010 and ended eight months later. I failed the exam the first time, and passed the second. A week and a half later I bought my 250 and here I am, taking the long and winding road, twisting the wrist, for a year and half. =)

So.. what all this has to do with MotoGP? It’s all about the bike! Last Sunday was the long-awaited return of the Phoenix. Lots of people giving little to no credit to VR #46, and the guy was simply f***ing awesome on that track! It was like a shoosh to all those journalists who said the guy was more an old fart than a legend. Seeing him flying through the track, passing Bradl, Crutchlow, Pedrosa and Marquez meant only thing: give him a bike and he will make it! Yes, we have to give credit to JLo, because the guy rode flawlessly from start to finish, and in my opinion, if we had 5 or 6 laps more, he would end up seeing the #46 in his rear view mirror. But… this was just the first round of the championship. A ver lo que pasa!

The fact is that I never got so excited and with watery eyes watching a race than last Sunday… Vai #46!


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