now it’s got really serious!

a few weeks ago the insurance broker emailed me the new values of insurance for my little two-fifty. honestly… it’d be far more interesting if the insurance company could come saying: “hey… we’re no longer covering the motorcycle you have” than raising the value by almost 40%.

considering this scenario i made my mind and went for another ride. if i’m to spend that huge amount for a low price motorcycle, let’s make this insurance fee worthy of a bike that matches this fee.

and this morning i caught myself dreaming about the bike. i don’t remember if i were riding or just sitting on her, but i was definitely feeling her controls and the grips on the handlebars… to summarize: i was feeling the bike. it was nice and fun.

in the middle of the afternoon i went to the shop to see when they will hand her over. let’s see if the weather helps – ’cause it’s raining right now. depending on what the dealer says, i will bring her home tomorrow, or monday otherwise.

the maker’s homeland of my first bike was an island. funny that the maker’s homeland of my second one is also an island! haha! now i’m thinking about a name for her. suggestions anyone?

(looking at the tags it is easy to find out what’s gonna be my next ride…)


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