glasses vs contact lenses

yesterday night i went to a shopping mall to change the shorts i got from my mom as xmas present. i had the entire day to do it, but left it to “last minute” because lately the temperature is beyond an absurd and even at night the weather is something that, to become unpleasant, a little improvement would be needed.

then i decided to use the contact lenses i bought a few months ago. i’m not completely adapted to them yet, given the fact that i still cannot put them without suffering a little. sometimes i put them the inside out, many others my eyes get very dry and i have to use eye drops.

i remember using contacts once while riding the 250 during the day and that experience was hmmm ok. at night i seem to lack a bit of focus, but after “lube” in the eyes, everything goes back to normal. but then, yesterday i rode the canjica to get to the store, and it’s a fact that the body positioning on a SS bike is totally different from that on a ninja 250, but i’m not really sure that was the cause of that huge air flow inside my helmet. conclusion: i had the most miserable experience ever while using contacts. how can one deal with that? glasses are not necessarily my cup of tea despite being dependent on them, and that was the reason i chose wearing contacts from time to time… but after yesterday, i’m about to review that… only when driving from now on.

(funny to see that everything becomes a lame excuse for riding haha!)


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