speed addiction and ss motorcycles

there seems to be a weird consensus: if you buy a crotch rocket, you have to ride her to her limits. now comes the question: what’s the point? i won’t deny it is damn cool to twist the wrist and feel the rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins. the point here is doing such a thing for just a couple of seconds, on a straight, just to feel “alive”, and then return to the normal mode. but many people don’t think that way, as if ss bikes were a synonym for reckless behavior and life endangerment (canyon carving, knee dragging, aggressive riding and all of this on public roads). “we live this life only once!”, told me one kid. yeah, he’s right. then i ask him back: being aware of that, why putting a period to your file, by willingly taking such risks?

– how fast did you get on that bike?
– until now, only 130 km/h.
– only that? if i had a bike like that, i would get myself killed sooner or later.

does it have to be that way? seriously? am i so weird when i say that cruising along in the city at 80/90 km/h is more than enough for me? for me the simple act of riding makes me content. going to work and coming back home are the best moments of the day. why ruining them with stupid ideas like those?


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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