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linux and related matters are known to me since 96. thanks to a great fella, i was introduced to this awesome and constantly evolving operating system… hmm nah. i’m not here to talk about techie stuff unless it’s related to cycling: power meters, {average,physical} wattage charts, critical power at specific times and so on. it’s been a long since i stopped being a cycling geek. actually, since i stopped riding bicycles. there’s a long-awaited return to the pedals, but procrastination and lack of self motivation are my middle names. shame on me.

why i stopped riding: i fell twice and hit the tarmac with my right knee on the same spot in both occasions. funny that the first crash happened ’10 jan 1st. the following crash was like two weeks later. what are the odds?! anyway… the immediate result: the intensity of the training was getting higher and something on my knee started to get sort of inflamed. it wasn’t incapacitating, nor an excruciating pain, but it was (and is still, but as i’m not riding, i’m not feeling it that often) something i couldn’t simply ignore. i’m promising myself some things:

– start muscle training: isometric workouts (legs and arms)
– indoor cardio training: elliptical trainers and treadmills
– rollers and trainers

big issue is: where’s the motivation? have found one: the 12 kg i gained since i left the bicycle aside. i need a catalyst, so i can cut the amount of activation energy to (re)start this move.

and after all these mishaps, i met my beloved green olive (on sale, it’s worth mentioning). another reason that made me become a couch potato.

i don’t even know exactly why i brought this story again. but all this boring nonsense intro barely scratches what i was planning to write…

it is interesting to see the “enabling power” the two-wheeled vehicles have. enabling in the following sense: they allow you to interact with people, even cagers drivers. iirc, the next situation happened last week.

i was going home and opted for a different a route, for a change. it was good and bad. bad because there were tons of cars and i had to lane split in streets where this isn’t a regular thing: closeness to the beach and portions of cobbles. no me gustó, en serio. but one minor thing made my day: while i was lane splitting i had to stop due to a red light or something like that. then at my left side there’s a kid (or two, don’t remember now) in the car. i nod and he nods back. then i smile, which he doesn’t see obviously, and i wave a hello. now the cherry cake: suddenly everybody inside the car turned to me and waved back! isn’t it awesome? ^_^ i’d really like to understand the relationship between kids and motorcycles. i read an entry a long ago and there the writer said it has to do with the sense of freedom we leave behind after becoming grown-ups. (funny to sweat through the eyes after reading that text heheh…)

this very “power” allows us to reach people we don’t normally do, because we’re all united and “fighting” for the same cause. yesterday in my commuting to the office i met a guy on a ninjette. i asked him where he bought that phosphorescent jacket. and many other situations. people come and talk to you: sometimes they ask questions about the bike and how she performs, many others how fast she goes… the mileage may vary. i like that. very, actually. ;)


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