i was starting this post with some thoughts about routine and the search for a job that defies me all the time (there is no such a thing. face it, dude). but then i went to check the first tab among the thousands i keep open on ff and faced an entry about the race i’m planning to watch soon: IoM TT. an interesting quote in the video goes below:

Withhold no sacrifice, grudge no toil, seek no sordid gain, fear no foe and all will be well. And this bird we cannot change. And this bird we can never change. And I know I can’t change. Lord knows I can’t change.

winston churchill

(never heard or saw this quote before. the famous one attributed to him that i know is the introduction of aces high – iron maiden…)

the scenery helps a lot, but the outcome (the vid itself) was a little bit hmmm… remember c+c music factory? “things that make you go hmmm”? almost like that heh. my point is: it failed to capture the spirit of the race.

i’ve seen many clips from that race, read even a book that among the chapters that bring paddock stories from the modern days the author finds an opportunity to squeeze in the battle between mike the bike and ago (ring of fire), and i think they could have gone one step further.

many months ago i found a video entitled the greatest show on earth and oh my! what was that!? the very first 45s are fantastic! now we are talking! for the first two or three months i had to see it at least once a day! (i’m counting the days to wsbk and motogp… avanti vale!) and almost every time i watched it i felt goosebumps! yeah, i know speed is a cheap thrill, but what can i do? brave and tough men and women in colorful leathers, riding their crotch rockets on a road not designed for racing, exposing themselves to a plethora of perilous situations. and it is not about money, nor girls… it’s racing per se: as if it were metaphysical. neither i do get it right, but i love its insanity, the nerve, the courage and the bravery these guys have.

me planning to go there soon. 2016, maybe? :) and another quote from the first video:

racing is life. anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

steve mcqueen


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