yesterday i made a new friend

dear new friend:

first of all, we have to take in consideration some facts.

  • the LEO turn a blind eye to the motorcycles parked on the sidewalk. we know this is strictly prohibited and luckily they “refuse” to acknowledge that – otherwise we would get tickets day in, day out.
  • considering that parking our bikes there is a welcome plus, let’s face it: the space is public. therefore, there is no such a thing as private parking area. the spot “belongs” to the first person arriving there. like it or not, this is the truly truth.

now comes the better part: what leads you to think that particular space is yours? seriously? were this true, my gf should park her bike in front of her building ever since, but nowadays she no longer does it because someone left his bike in the very spot she used to use for more than 2 years. my question is: what gives you the right to block the passage of the one who parked in your “alleged” spot? even worse: who gave you the right to damage the private property of others because of that? if you really believe in settling scores, i have some bad news for you, my dear and lovely friend: you’re a complete fuckwit, s.o.b. when the day stupid and childish behaviors like that be the modus operandi, i’ll drop the bus.

of course i could do just like you and tear your tires down or even inject air in your braking system – which would be very interesting, but could make me a criminal, for being responsible for a near-miss or even a casualty -, but unlike you, i’m a grown up that understand the consequences of certain actions, and the boundaries of some certain things. my piece of advice for you, you bastitch piece of crap: be careful. you could be dead right now, if it were another person whose bike was damaged. be careful. simple as that.


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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