funny. i was planning to post something yesterday (by yesterday i meant five days ago), and the topic was in my mind. now that i started the entry, i’m not able to go beyond the about:blank. hahah

i’m cooking a video to be uploaded soon. i hope my foreign viewers understands the língua mater (hoping the # of portuguese non-speakers/readers > 0). there i talk about routine at the office, travels and living abroad. if you left your hometown to live somewhere else, no matter if in another city inside your country or abroad, please share your experience. i will like to read about your experience.

something very curious is happening: every time i have to use my car, i get sorta depressed – ok, not depressed, but it’s more like bored. two weeks ago, it rained cats and dogs, and natürlich the traffic got really shitty. i am not very fond of riding in the rain, unless it happens while you’re already cruising, because the dynamics of the process changes dramatically. if a rainy weather during the day brings tons of problems, doing it at night complicates the scenario way more. here in this city the asphalt has lots of irregularities and hydroplaning is a threat – many times i felt a huge drop in the speed of the car while crossing the “pond” formed. even worse are the potholes.

anyway, there i am, stuck in the traffic, while lots of other riders go lane splitting. this makes me get really annoyed. firstly because i don’t like wasting time in traffic jams. secondly, because i don’t like riding in rainy conditions. but now i’m seriously considering making an exception.

(a short hiatus of five days between starting and resuming this post and the situation in the morning: a light drizzle and the thoughts mentioned above revisited. today i was kinda decided: moto it is. the question was “should i use the ‘space suit’ or not?” fortunately the tarmac dried before i left.)

by the way, in the next entry, the link to the video. and yeah, not that inspir(ed/ing) but i’m okay with it… (our lady peace – blister/happiness is not a fish that you can catch)


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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