something quite unusual happens at the place i work: every now and then we have interesting discussions that don’t end in ad hominem and stuffs like that. it’s not of my recollection if i used to have that with my colleagues at the other place. of course it’s a little bit tiring sometimes (like those days you’re not willing to talk about the problems of the world, of the society, and so on), but i find this environment very cool.

the day before yesterday a colleague brought into the discussion that reality show that is aired on H channel (pawn something… forgot the correct name). he was.. hmmm.. not necessarily defending the approach of the owners of the pawn house, but was saying that the guys used to pose like just, correct and so on – that’s at least what we are led to think. his point of view was that pawn houses here wouldn’t be like the one portrayed on the tv show, instead their goal would only be maximizing the profit without paying a fair/just price for the goods. i argued that no one could assure us they were like on the show when the camera was off…


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