there are times…

hallo! wie geht’s? so… on weekdays my routine is getting up, eat something, shower, go to work, spend some useful or useless hours there – that all depends on what i have to do; that is, if it’s pleasant or shitty – and then find my way back home – excellent song by the way: for me these guys really kicked ass in their first three albums (orchid, morningrise, my arms your hearse).

but there are two small fractions of this routine which were not described here intentionally. these two moments are the higher parts of the day, every weekday. it’s only 35-45 minutes round-trip in my usual commute (home/work), but these moments are so unique that only those who ride bikes will understand what they mean.

i mount on my ride and when we are about to arrive at the office at least twice or three times a week my will translate into not turning right to reach the parking lot but go straight ahead go check where road ends. sometimes because i’m not in the mood to fill silly spreadsheets or write office documents. other times because i just want to go ride along the tarmac. and while i was writing this small text, i found a very interesting article which reflects part of what i feel while i’m on the bike: yoga, death and motorcycles:

Each moment of my ride truly felt a like a rich, vibrant lifetime. As I rounded one of the more picturesque portions of this favorite road of mine, witnessing simple, yet luxurious and breathtaking beauty of my surroundings…

nice that due to small issue with wp i lost the original text…


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