misano ci dà una mano!

yeah, i know this update is two weeks delayed, but this is the way it is: procrastination is the always the word of the day.

this text is a small tribute to the superb victory to the most charismatic rider of all times: valentino rossi. since the fp1 we could see things were going to be different. then came fp4, where he was a total blast! (the meaning of the last and effectively a free practice, given the lap times charted there are not considered for grid formation: race simulation.) he was setting laps after laps, one faster than another. funny though that even that boring, yet fantastic, rider called mm93 could match vale’s pace. and that was the tune of the q2: lorenzo topped the high place at the grid, with iannone in second and vale in the front row for the very first time since his return to yamaha last year.

the guy rode superbly. fierce battles with marquez and lorenzo, until the latter dropped due to a poor tire choice and the crash of the former, due to his eagerness to win at any cost and end the championship at the next round (aragon). his crash proved his strategy was a miserable one. and like misano, the gates were opened and the crowd took the entire place, just to see *the goat*. from the podium the image is quite scary: thousands of people screaming “vale! vale! vale!”. if from the tv the scene looks awesome, at the track i think it will be something that gives you goose bumps.

funny though that last sunday vale totally blew it. his pace at fp1 and fp2 and fp3 was a complete shit. so that he couldn’t make it straight to q2: for the very first time since the new qualifying proceedings we saw rossi at the q1. he made it and in the end managed to grab the 6th place on the grid. interestingly however was his pace at sunday: he was like hunting the top 3 guys (pedro, lorenzo and mm) and when after a turn he went off-limits, hit the astro-turf which was still wet due to some raining in the morning and crashed. i was in the kitchen preparing my breakfast when i heard gregory haines saying loud: “oh no! rossi’s down!” i was like: “damn! the race is almost over!”

no, it wasn’t. au contraire! the fun started a few minutes after rossi went down. we saw dovizioso, and iannone. mm and pedrosa becoming “suzerains” of the motorland aragon. and just because they’ve missed the timeslot to enter the pits and replace the tires.

but for me the most funny part was mm’s statement at the pre-event press conference: “… now we have to focus on the championship” . and then we see the mistake he made, by choosing not to go the pit lane to switch bikes. well… now that’s history, because he made it in motegi last sunday. let’s see who’s gonna be the runner-up. avanti vale! misano ci dà una mano! :)


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