today is the day…

after yesterday, and yesterday didn’t go so well… well.. at least for the song, because for me everything was ok. ;) there are times when things go like the song. i won’t say everything is looking that awesome or that i am far from having a hard time lately, be it my professional life or my personal life – which would be a enormous lie – but as Nicky Hayden uses to say in the press conference:

… it is what it is.

and time goes by and we get better day by day. but moving on. <ranting=”off”/>

many weeks ago i had supposedly an appointment with a rheumathologist and to my surprise it was an orthopedist who attended me – the stamp in the blood tests prescriptions revealed the truth.

and why am i going through this doctor thing again? well, i decided i will find a diagnostics – and eventually a cure – for my long and lasting injured right knee. yeah, it’s still here, bugging me every now and then. truth be told, it’s not as intense as it was back in 2010, when i was riding consistently – constant and sometimes intense use of the knee joint used to result in a swollen knee (behind the right lower part of the knee cap), and the sensation that the area was hotter than its “counterpart” (given the huge gap between the day i started to write this post and today i had the mri done as well as the blood tests. just need to set a new appointment to bring the results to the doctor). hope that now i can find a direction, because i wanna go back to my bicycle (i bought a new one and haven’t ridden her yet!) and do some exercises. getting old, slower metabolism, belly increasing… this kind of stuff i want to avoid, or at least minimize the damage.

well… in the last couple of weeks i took a big step in my motorcycling career – if I’m allowed to say that -: I sold my Daytona 675R 2013 and bought a Harley Davidson Night Rod Special 2014. the motivation behind this move? two, listed below:

– lower insurance
– its style is not a tease for theft, thus an enhanced sensation of safety.

there are problems of course, but it is for a greater good. the biggest issue now is her handling in slow speeds, be it on a straight or in tight turns. I’m no longer used to handlebars that can be easily turned, I mean, steering dampers are now an indispensable part of any motorcycle, and I’m terribly uncomfortable with its absence, specially when I’m stuck in a jammed traffic. slow turns also pose another awkward situation, because the bike is heavy and has a rear tire 240mm wide, making my life a bit more complicated. I know it’s a matter of time and mastering the technique, but I’m still struggling with this. let’s see in the next few days.

this paragraph above was written more or less two weeks after i had bought my vrscdx. six weeks later, which is today, i pretty much can say i got used to the bike and that i’m enjoying her and liking her and getting fond of her more and more every day. that 240mm-wide tire isn’t necessarily a threat; the big issue of the bike in my opinion is the limited leaning clearance – i peg dragged twice already. slow turns are and will always be a nuisance, no matter the bike you have – you just have to master the technique. anyway she’s gorgeous and sexy in her way and has plenty of torque, something i really liked after owning the Daytona.

and i finally got my mri results. some sort of lesion is in tha house. bring it on! now i have to set an appointment with the doc and see what awaits me. hope i can get back to the saddle.


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