there are things we must not forget…

… and one of them is celebrating small victories. for the last two and half weeks i was struggling with some stuffs related to my work.

a lot of things make the situation a little more complicated: i) many details i don’t know or am not completely aware of; ii) not having the full understanding of the solution and the applications it depends on; iii) not having passed through a competence development/transfer process, to name a few.

but then, even with all these things pushing me down, i made it work! yay! Es funktioniert! Und das war der Grund auf unsere Mitagessen bei Outback! 8) Manch mal muss man diese kleinen Siege feiern.

note to self: do it more times and record them. after all journals are not only about pain and misery. 8)


About rennrad

It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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