what’s the point?

recently a famous brazilian broadcast network aired footage of a group self-proclaimed the 299’s club. power rangers (or jaspions as we use to say here, in reference to an old japanese tv show (tokusatsu) aired in the 90’s) in their SS bikes on public roads with the sole purpose of reaching 299+ km/h in their speedometers and then be accepted as a legitimate member of the “club”.

my question is: why?

– what’s really the point?
– the thrill, the adrenaline!
– ah, ok. so… you made it. now what?
– err…

public roads are not meant for such a thing. it’s not only a matter crashing and having the bike totalled or in the worst scenario another casualty. the problem is the recklessness riding, the endangerment and the disastrous consequences these harmful behaviors can cause to other people.


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