an emblematic cover…

for an emblematic soundtrack, for an equally emblematic movie.

recently i gifted myself with the star war’s hexalogy in bd. two remarkable moments in the series: luke’s theme (on the video above) and the imperial march in “the empire strikes back”. honestly, now i have doubts about which movie i like best. i always used to say SW05, but after watching the whole series in two days, it was interesting to witness (again) the rise of darth vader. i just lamented that padme’s death and the birth of the twins were crucial moments that were sort of overlooked, as it seemed the mr. lucas was already short on budget and had to hurry things up. besides, i’m totally opposed to digital change he did on “return of jedi”: anakin’s turnaround happened when he was old (and already dying, given his suit was a life support thing), and not when he was young and about to become darth vader.

(anyway… on the 8th day, god created rhythm machines. i have 3 of them. =)


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