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here’s an awful feeling: staying in front of the monitor thinking about what to write. this reminds me of the “nothing box” concept, well illustrated by mark gungor in his “tale of two brains” workshop – nice presentation, by the way: apart from the eventual mentions to god and stuffs alike (which are minimal and negligible), the video is really worth watching.

sometimes i go out for a stroll with my camera and mic, but then the inspiration just fades away in the mist and i end up talking bs while recording. this is what happens when you don’t have a proper script as you go out for a vlog – and i have tons of videos like that, waiting for someone to edit them. maybe one day i will add to the footage some soundtrack of my own and publish it, like i did with “a saturday on the road” – actually, i should go for another saturyday on the road: the cheesebread route or the alternative cheesebread route. coming back home past july i stopped at one station for refuel and some snacks, before facing the last stretch of road (~ 180 km to go).

the state was crossing at that time is traditionally known as the cheesebread’s land, and to my surprise every canteen’s gas station i stopped for refuel and food had awful cheesebreads! i was like “this is incredibly scary!” but then i found redemption! i’m honestly thinking to pay that place a visit. true that it will be a 360 km back and forth ride, but it’ll be worth the effort: mountains, good snacks, riding… why not?


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