hitting the apex…

last friday i was on youtube searching for clips from the early 8-10 minutes of a film by mark neale (fastest), and that search led me to his latest documentary about the same subject (MotoGP): hitting the apex.

sunday afternoon and nothing useful to do… hmm, why not watching it? so i did it. after getting so used to mr. mcgregor’s voice in the previous documentaries (faster and fastest), listening to brad pitt’s voice was a bit of a turnoff. his intention to add drama to the action of negotiating a turn was so dull that i felt relieved when the initial credits were over.

high point in the film was marco simoncelli’s trajectory and the tragedy that sealed his fate – watching the footage again, i’m led to think that he passed out in that right turn, as he didn’t seem to react in any sense (maybe the heat that day was really absurd, fact that is not unlikely, if we take in consideration last year’s race – jorge lorenzo soaking wet while talking to media people in the parc fermé – actually, the venue is famous for that: remember how drained was tito rabat in 2014 after the race?).

another interesting point was marc márquez ascension to motogp class, and how lenient race direction was in many occasions. (i admit the kid is really talented and rides that rc213v like no one else, but… anyway…)

in general the movie is good, 3 stars-deserving, but i liked fastest better, not because i’m a valentino’s fan, but i think the tension and the drama built in that movie made it more, i don’t know, maybe fluid, more catchy. in doubt? watch it. :)


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