go broncos! :)

finally they made it! given american football is not our top sport – honestly speaking, *regular* football is the #1 in every corner of the world (except in the u.s., quite likely) -, this opens some sort of precedent: it is possible to root for more than one team – or as one would say: you’re rooting for the spectacle. anyhow, i remember super bowl xlviii and how my “heart” was a bit torn, ’cause despite being sorta sympathetic towards seahawks, i liked broncos a bit better, and watching the seahawks defense anihillating the most effective attack of the season was terrifying. i won’t deny i got a bit upset, but hey… losing is part of the game (but watching new england getting beaten is always a funny thing to do, as it happened in that year’s afc conference final).

and then yesterday we’ve seen more or less the same movie of that day, but with slightly different actors and roles. i didn’t get what happened with cam newton… he wasn’t himself – the always fun and smiling player he uses to be. he was uneasy, jumpy maybe. was that due to broncos’ defense? or was that due to the whole picture? maybe cam’s first final and the weight and responsibility behind all that stuff? who knows. what we saw was the demise of the most prolific attack of the season. winning stats don’t win games. and as an espn’s commentator says: strong attacks win matches, strong defenses win championships.

lucky me to have watched broncos win. mr. manning was far from being the quarterback he was two seasons ago, but given that i like the way he plays (along with the spirit of leadership he seems to have), and all the difficulties he faced during the season, that trophy couldn’t be more deserving. kudos to him, kudos to broncos! :) and if he retires, hope that brock osweiler can follow the lead.

see ya next season, nfl! :)


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  1. Jay Colby says:

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    “Super Bowl 50: Denver Defense Dominates”


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