black mirror

every time i sit myself on the couch to watch some tv series is the same story: i end up in a “low life” scheme. o_O why? because i simply don’t know how to watch the episodes in a tcp approach – the slow start response method. that is, i always binge watch the stuff! i remember when house m.d. got my attention (at the time the series were aired by universal channel) and then i decided i had to buy the dvds. so i did it: bought the 1st season box in a friday night (lights ;)) and i watched it in less than a week. the next friday came and i went to the dvd store to buy the 2nd season. spent the following week watching it and then déjà-vu: the next friday i went to the store and bought the 3rd season! (you noticed the trend/algorithm…) right now i don’t really remember how i dealt with the 4th season, but i strongly believe i was more or less the same craziness.

the same happened with SoA – actually, thinking of a top 5 all time tv shows, sons of anarchy comes first, no questions about it.

  • sons of anarchy
  • breaking bad
  • law & order: criminal intent
  • house m.d.
  • battlestar galactica

(house and l&o/ci positions are debatable, but i’ll leave it that way.)

and then a friend of mine suggested another series recently: black mirror. after watching its first episode, something really drew my attention: endemol is behind the production. and i’m not sure if this could be expected given that fact, but the show is based in subjects like media overexposition, reality shows and related topics. and unlike the many other occasions, i’m watching this one in a slow pace. :)

so… today (and by the time of the publishing you should read “yesterday”) i watched the last episode of the 1st season. i got a bit impressed by the dichotomy public life vs private life portrayed in the very ending of the 1st episode, but… until now nothing surpasses how sad and depressive the 3rd episode was. almost degrading.

and now, heading to season 2.


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