MotoGP: río hondo and austin

as a fan of valentino rossi, it was a bit disappointing to see him struggling to finish the race in 4th place – his lack of pace with the second bike was impressive. but then two major events happened:

  • turn 1 showed up and took its toll: viñales crashed (lorenzo also crashed there, and i believe this scene [front “inexplicably” washing away] will be seen a lot this year – actually this happened with rossi in austin).
  • iannone took dovizioso out in the final corner of the last lap.

rossi’s 2nd place in río hondo was like xmas in july (april, to be more precise =P). and who would wonder we would see the tiny little man (pedrosa) completing the podium? kudos to marquez, who managed to have a good feeling on top of both bikes.

one week later came the texan gp. that marquez would win it, there was no doubt about it. the question mark was the other spots on the podium. and as one of the official commentators said, after some laps the race became a procession – it’s true that it was an eventful race, almost just like the argentinian round, but… dunno about you, but i’m not very fond of races where the leader wins with an huge advantage over the other contenders.

jerez is around the corner. let’s see how the michelins will behave.



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