MotoGP: from start to finish!

for starters, moto2. it’s intriguing how the series has races boring as hell. today was no exception (maybe the qualifying is more interesting to watch than the race itself). it’s true that we had some interesting races last year (and the one @ río hondo was a good one), but this isn’t something that happens all the time.

moto3: superb racing by brad binder! from 35th to 1st? and the very first victory in his career? what a milestone! and what can we say about the two moves by bulega? i’m pretty confident that the last one in turn 13 was based on rossi’s pass on gibernau in 2005: going to the inside pushing navarro out and blocking bagnaia’s intention as well. as the motogp site’s commentator said: majestic!

and last but not least: rossi leading from start to finish. i’m following the series regularly since 2012 and never saw that happening (in 2012 the guy was suffering while on a ducati). i have to admit that the race becomes a bit disappointing in these cases – after the 3rd or 4th lap almost all the standings are defined (at least the first three) -, but checking the video feed and the live timing at the same time brings a new perspective, which alleviates the boring aspect a little – seeing the gap increasing was really interesting (at the penultimate lap it was bigger than 4s).

at the press conference rossi stated that there was some rear spinning even on straights (some slo-mo shots from márquez’ bike indicated some funny tire “color” in the middle) and that might be the reason why he slowed down the pace after clocking some laps in the low 1min40s and then mid to high 1min40s. márquez decided to sit and remain in 3rd and started to clock laps in the low 1min41s.

lorenzo said the same about his tires, but i strangely felt that he used what rossi commented as an excuse for his “poor” (in his point of view, of course) result.

well… let’s see what le mans brings us in two weeks!

(small note: motogp’s web site says that this was the very first time in 274 premier class races that rossi leads from start to finish. o_O)




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