commuting by bike

not so long ago i posted a picture of my ride – black diamond. lately i’m using it as my way of transportation. interesting is the fact that  i can reach my destination 2 to 5 minutes earlier with it than with my motorcycle. (yes, it’s true that on a bike i’m a red light jumper, but as i mentioned in a post @ g+, it’s a matter of safety [see this for understading what i’m talking about].)

i know it’s a time lapse – i wish i could ride fast like that (that would yield 80-100 km/h, slightly more in certain moments) , but i’m fine with the idea of getting ahead of the cagers. :)

and this is also my little homage to the two-wheel world – bikes and motorcycles are complementary.


About rennrad

It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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