hail to the maniac!

and then it happened! after a long winter that lasted almost 6 years, a ducati stepped on the highest place of the podium last sunday! great to see iannone in his commotion – and a sad dovizioso, who saw his 2nd victory in his motogp career slipping from his fingers. top moment of the parc fermé was dall’igna kissing his “babies” (as i read in twitter, he may have never done that so fondly).

ducati made 1-2 last sunday, which was good for the championship – and hopefully it will work as a moral boost -, and for those who are tired of seeing the usual suspects taking those 3 spots. rossi never had the chance to claim the 3rd postion, instead his teammate seized the opportunity to come from the ashes and tell everyone he’s still alive – but if it rains again, will he be same unrecognizable lorenzo we saw at sachsenring and assen? that remains to be seen.

let’s see what brno reserves to us – imho one of the best circuits of the calendar.



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