a countdown is about to start…

30 do 45 days. it’s the time i have to cease my operations in the city i’m currently living. 11 years and half passed since i got here, and honestly, few are the things i will miss, namely:

  • the climbs and the views from the city these climbs offer
  • the bridges, overpasses, and elevated lanes
  • the shoreline

(right now i remember the comments from a namesake of mine regarding this city: rio de janeiro is an ugly city in a beautiful place. i tend to agree.)

and for the 1st time in my life i’ll revisit the sensations well described in the last part of rush’s song – the analog kid:

too many hands on my time
too many feelings
too many things on my mind
when i leave i don’t know
what i’m hoping to find
when i leave i don’t know
what i’m leaving behind

there’ll be so many things happening at the same time that only after a month or two i’ll be able to realize the breadth and depth of this move i’m about to make. and while these feelings will be revisited (the day was january 2nd, 2005: i remember the strange sensation i felt when i told myself that “now there’s no turning back” while watching the sunset at barra’s beach), what makes the present scenario different from that occasion is that i was leaving my hometown and my family (most of it) behind. well… as caesar augustus said: alea jacta est. i’ve passed the point of no return. so, let’s see what the world is about to offer me.

(note about the second item of the short list: i look to them and the very thought that comes translates into a single word: modernity. funny though that at the same time they mean modernity, not very seldom they come at high cost to those living close to them…)


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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