countdown p. ii – the mission

a few days ago i’ve written about a countdown. well, the clock is ticking. but interestingly, the so-called 30 to 45 days i mentioned in that post are passing like in a fast forward mode: if i don’t manage to get some few days more to arrange all the steps related to the moving of my clutter, then in less than two weeks time i’ll be calling gotham city (the brazilian version of it) home.

everything is going reaaaaaally fast, and there are some outstanding tasks, as well as others that belong to the critical path (actually, IIRC all of them are in the critical path):

  • painting and minor repairs depend on moving my stuff
  • hiring the company to move my clutter depends on finding the right place
  • the new apartment depends on the contract signature
  • to close this deal i have to wait for the landlord to remove his/her creepy furniture (or as in the other condo i visited yesterday: minor fixes in the floor and windows)

this is like a project. nah.. it is a project. the wbs has some other tasks, but then this is me digressing… anyway, my reality during this week involves travels, lots of expenses, a bunch of phone calls, some visits, talking, dealings, und so weiter. Und der letzte Teil sind meine Katzen: of course it’ll be stressful for them, but i can rest assured it’s waaaay easier for them than for me, after all they’ll head to gotham only when all be funlly functional and operational.


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