cars, one plane and one motorcycle

apart from being fossil fuel based vehicles, what do these three have in common with a sunday? no clue? i’ll bring you up to speed.

in my latest posts i’ve been talking about moving to another city. well, this is my 4th week here, and until now everything is going fine, fanx. still getting used with bipolar behavior of the weather – it reminds me of curitiba and the sensation of having 4 seasons in a single day -, actually I’m trying to understand how it works here: in rio it was a little bit easy to figure it out: humidity and heat piling up 3 or 4 days later we could sing “here comes the rain again…” anyway this is me ranting, as usual.

and what would be the connection between two cars, one plane and a motorcycle? well…

  • one cab from my place to the airport
  • a 50 min flight
  • another cab from another airport to my mom’s
  • a 457 km ride back home.

don’t even have to mention that the coolest part of it was the last segment. heh. funny things have to be mentioned:

  • this time i managed to stay more than 1h sat on the bike
  • the trip took longer than i had imagined.
  • tolls are a nuisance and veeeery dangerous!
  • a handful, if not two or three, returned my greetings.

i) when i went to my hometown in last year’s late june i couldn’t stand an hour sat on the bike: my glutes started to complain and hurt a frakking load, leading to a halt every 60 to 90 min – the unfortunate part of it was that every stop meant at least 10 min wasted; ii) the bus from “metropolis” to gotham normally takes 6 hours, but then what one has to consider some aspects: leaving/entering the urban part of the city takes an enormous amount of time, and besides that, sundays mean people heading back to gotham and then it’s easy to find some jams along the highway (that happened when passing by two cities, and interestingly, there were traffic jams without any apparent cause.); iii) tolls mean waste of time and nuisance, because you have to stop, stand on your feet, open your wallet, find some bills, pay, get the change, and all of this with the difficulty of having heavy gloves in your hands; and a danger because of the spilled oil in the floor; iv) dunno what’s up with these guys, but just a few returned my greetings – are they sparing their muscles? o_O (two couples in their yamahas midnight star were heading to caxambu [likely] and returned the honk, first when i met them and when they left the road we were in…

and this journey lasted a bit more than 12 hours. it was tiresome – actually, riding a bike for many hours is an very demanding and taxing activity. it is quite interesting to see that you’re still on/aware for the next 1h30 to 2h and then all of a sudden shutdown -h -t 30m or something alike happens.

(not so small footnote: last saturday i was playing the wanderer in the city. one thing is when you know the way to a certain place and due to an act of idiocy you take the wrong entrance, and get annoyed because of that. another entirely different is when you have no clue about where you’re going! that is, you go out with the mentality that you’re gonna get lost sooner or later. heheh! and i got lost! terribly lost! but it was fun in the end. i just lament not being able to open the throttle decently, as the street limits are quite low: 50 km/h only.)


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