once upon a time

wednesday morning. the alarm rings, and things are more like (dream theater – 6:00)

six o’clock and the siren kicks him from a dream
tries to shake it off but it just won’t stop
can’t find the strength but he’s got promises to keep
and wood to chop before he sleeps

well, in my case the clock showed 7. but that’s ok. then i look at the window and that dismay when you remember you go to work by foot: it is raining.

raining, raining
on the streets of new york city
raining, raining
raining deep in heaven…

“oh no… :(“ i thought.  everything changes when you have to get out under any kind of rain. drivers get lost, you get soaked, you find out that umbrellas are kinda useless if there’s wind as well, rain coats and nylon pants on top of your trousers and proper boots are needed…

the day before i had told myself that if it was the case of another morning under the rain, i would use my rain kit. and that just because my trousers got completely soaked from the knee down to my ankles.

so i picked the boots i used to wear during my days of winter in helsinki – they’re sort of water resistant -, nylon trousers on top of the jeans, a huge red rain coat (for cycling), and there i was on the street, feeling like a 5-year old kid and that sad sensation that rainy days are meant to be spent at home. to make me more miserable: i really don’t know what is worse:

  • getting wet due to rain
  • getting wet due to sweat

it’s the same doubt i have when it’s raining and i have to use rain gear while riding cycles (non- and motorized ones). oh my… :|


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It's all about two wheels, being them bicycles or motorcycles.
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2 Responses to once upon a time

  1. Érika S. says:

    I would like to take a picture of this little boy! ;D

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