something quite unusual happens at the place i work: every now and then we have interesting discussions that don’t end in ad hominem and stuffs like that. it’s not of my recollection if i used to have that with my colleagues at the other place. of course it’s a little bit tiring sometimes (like those days you’re not willing to talk about the problems of the world, of the society, and so on), but i find this environment very cool.

the day before yesterday a colleague brought into the discussion that reality show that is aired on H channel (pawn something… forgot the correct name). he was.. hmmm.. not necessarily defending the approach of the owners of the pawn house, but was saying that the guys used to pose like just, correct and so on – that’s at least what we are led to think. his point of view was that pawn houses here wouldn’t be like the one portrayed on the tv show, instead their goal would only be maximizing the profit without paying a fair/just price for the goods. i argued that no one could assure us they were like on the show when the camera was off…

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No, I’m not talking about the British superbike series. BSB stands for the IATA/ICAO naming convention. It’s also my hometown. More than a year since my last visit. Lots of changes happening but despite the fact that it is expanding, I can still feel its smell and perceive the way it starts its day. It is notorious that traffic jams are now part of everyone’s routine, but even so it begins the day in less intense way than Rio. Funny…

Do I miss it? A little. Would I live here again? Everything depends on where the opportunity is.

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the red light on the camera is on

then it means it is recording! \o/ as i wrote earlier, below is the link to the video. hope my narrow audience enjoys it. :P

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funny. i was planning to post something yesterday (by yesterday i meant five days ago), and the topic was in my mind. now that i started the entry, i’m not able to go beyond the about:blank. hahah

i’m cooking a video to be uploaded soon. i hope my foreign viewers understands the língua mater (hoping the # of portuguese non-speakers/readers > 0). there i talk about routine at the office, travels and living abroad. if you left your hometown to live somewhere else, no matter if in another city inside your country or abroad, please share your experience. i will like to read about your experience.

something very curious is happening: every time i have to use my car, i get sorta depressed – ok, not depressed, but it’s more like bored. two weeks ago, it rained cats and dogs, and natürlich the traffic got really shitty. i am not very fond of riding in the rain, unless it happens while you’re already cruising, because the dynamics of the process changes dramatically. if a rainy weather during the day brings tons of problems, doing it at night complicates the scenario way more. here in this city the asphalt has lots of irregularities and hydroplaning is a threat – many times i felt a huge drop in the speed of the car while crossing the “pond” formed. even worse are the potholes.

anyway, there i am, stuck in the traffic, while lots of other riders go lane splitting. this makes me get really annoyed. firstly because i don’t like wasting time in traffic jams. secondly, because i don’t like riding in rainy conditions. but now i’m seriously considering making an exception.

(a short hiatus of five days between starting and resuming this post and the situation in the morning: a light drizzle and the thoughts mentioned above revisited. today i was kinda decided: moto it is. the question was “should i use the ‘space suit’ or not?” fortunately the tarmac dried before i left.)

by the way, in the next entry, the link to the video. and yeah, not that inspir(ed/ing) but i’m okay with it… (our lady peace – blister/happiness is not a fish that you can catch)

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yesterday i made a new friend

dear new friend:

first of all, we have to take in consideration some facts.

  • the LEO turn a blind eye to the motorcycles parked on the sidewalk. we know this is strictly prohibited and luckily they “refuse” to acknowledge that – otherwise we would get tickets day in, day out.
  • considering that parking our bikes there is a welcome plus, let’s face it: the space is public. therefore, there is no such a thing as private parking area. the spot “belongs” to the first person arriving there. like it or not, this is the truly truth.

now comes the better part: what leads you to think that particular space is yours? seriously? were this true, my gf should park her bike in front of her building ever since, but nowadays she no longer does it because someone left his bike in the very spot she used to use for more than 2 years. my question is: what gives you the right to block the passage of the one who parked in your “alleged” spot? even worse: who gave you the right to damage the private property of others because of that? if you really believe in settling scores, i have some bad news for you, my dear and lovely friend: you’re a complete fuckwit, s.o.b. when the day stupid and childish behaviors like that be the modus operandi, i’ll drop the bus.

of course i could do just like you and tear your tires down or even inject air in your braking system – which would be very interesting, but could make me a criminal, for being responsible for a near-miss or even a casualty -, but unlike you, i’m a grown up that understand the consequences of certain actions, and the boundaries of some certain things. my piece of advice for you, you bastitch piece of crap: be careful. you could be dead right now, if it were another person whose bike was damaged. be careful. simple as that.

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e não é que aconteceu??

dizem que para tudo há uma primeira vez. já vinha havia quase dois anos e meio nessa vida motociclística sem que nada de anormal acontecesse. e aí isso. confesso que fiquei um pouco desapontado. e olha que não foi por falta de cuidado, porque eu tento focar a “cpu” 100% na tarefa de conduzir a moto… e aí acontece essa situação.

não foi divertido. nunca é, pra ser sincero. duvido que venha alguém aqui dizer que aprecia isso. o orgulho sai meio abalado… bem, verdade seja dita: agora a coisa é olhar pra frente, prestar mais atenção e esperar a multa chegar para pagá-la. hehehe! (glu glu! ha!)

quando cheguei a casa, abri a caixa de correio e vi aquele envelope da prefeitura. só aquele “xiii…” clássico, já aborrecido. afinal, quem é que gosta de levar multa? subo, entro em casa, abro o maledeto e é com essa que eu começo a fazer o “book fotográfico” de minha canjica. :/ multa por excesso de velocidade. <humor=”irônico”>bacana</humor> o tamanho do excesso registrado: via de 40 e velocidade registrada de 51. não é de cair o * da banda? depois eu vou até passar lá pra conferir se as sinalizações vertical e horizontal são adequadas – já que o estado foi o único que conseguiu preservar a sinalização que alerta sobre a existência de aparatos de fiscalização de velocidade metros antes do dispositivo.

well.. la vie c’est ça. ah, em breve termino a edição de um vídeo em que falo mais umas groselhas. tô aos poucos me entendendo com o cinelerra. a ver lo que pasa.

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i was starting this post with some thoughts about routine and the search for a job that defies me all the time (there is no such a thing. face it, dude). but then i went to check the first tab among the thousands i keep open on ff and faced an entry about the race i’m planning to watch soon: IoM TT. an interesting quote in the video goes below:

Withhold no sacrifice, grudge no toil, seek no sordid gain, fear no foe and all will be well. And this bird we cannot change. And this bird we can never change. And I know I can’t change. Lord knows I can’t change.

winston churchill

(never heard or saw this quote before. the famous one attributed to him that i know is the introduction of aces high – iron maiden…)

the scenery helps a lot, but the outcome (the vid itself) was a little bit hmmm… remember c+c music factory? “things that make you go hmmm”? almost like that heh. my point is: it failed to capture the spirit of the race.

i’ve seen many clips from that race, read even a book that among the chapters that bring paddock stories from the modern days the author finds an opportunity to squeeze in the battle between mike the bike and ago (ring of fire), and i think they could have gone one step further.

many months ago i found a video entitled the greatest show on earth and oh my! what was that!? the very first 45s are fantastic! now we are talking! for the first two or three months i had to see it at least once a day! (i’m counting the days to wsbk and motogp… avanti vale!) and almost every time i watched it i felt goosebumps! yeah, i know speed is a cheap thrill, but what can i do? brave and tough men and women in colorful leathers, riding their crotch rockets on a road not designed for racing, exposing themselves to a plethora of perilous situations. and it is not about money, nor girls… it’s racing per se: as if it were metaphysical. neither i do get it right, but i love its insanity, the nerve, the courage and the bravery these guys have.

me planning to go there soon. 2016, maybe? :) and another quote from the first video:

racing is life. anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

steve mcqueen

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